“Street Smart Guide to International Trade and Transportation”

The International Logistics and Freight Forwarding Manual is used extensively throughout Australia in the training of International Freight Forwarders, Importers and Exporters; and in many colleges as a reference and practical guide in the study of International Transport and Trade.

This fourth edition of the book, comprehensively indexed, is a complete revision, update and expansion, and covers most of the factors involved in International Freight Forwarding, Trade and Transport. It aims to provide the reader, whether a forwarder, trader, customs broker, or simply an interested student, with  the necessary knowledge and skills to enable the achievement of the common objectives of traders and forwarders when selling, buying and moving cargo internationally.

These objectives are summarised as:

  • To deliver the goods on time,
  • To deliver the goods in a sound condition,
  • To ensure there is no financial loss or damage to reputation
  • To deliver a continuously high level of customer satisfaction,
  • To ensure the ‘best’ possible price is paid for delivering the goods, bearing in mind all other considerations.

The extensive coverage includes chapters on the following topics:

  1. Dictionary of Terms, Abbreviations and Acronyms
  2. The Int’l Freight Forwarding & Customs Broking Industry
  3. Sale Contracts and Incoterms®
  4. Shipping & Aircargo Services
  5. Domestic Transport – Overview for Int’l Forwarders & Shippers
  6. Freight Rates & Shipment Costs
  7. Route Selection
  8. Export Bookings, Clearances, & Cargo Receival
  9. Packing, Stowing, Marking and Containerisation of Cargo
  10. Cargo Insurance
  11. Surveys and other inspections of cargo
  12. Government export/import controls and processes
  13. Duty Drawback & the Tradex Scheme
  14. Documentation, including many samples of document types
  15. Contracts of Carriage, International Conventions relating to the Carriage of Goods, Bills of Lading and Air Waybills
  16. Special Cargoes – Perishables, Art Works, High value goods, Overseas Exhibition goods
  17. Dangerous Goods Transportation
  18. Aviation Transport Security
  19. Foreign Country Import Formalities
  20. Checklists & Control Sheets

Written in plain, easy to understand language, the book provides a vast amount of valuable information, and is an essential tool for a reference library or for persons undertaking studies in International Freight Forwarding, Trade, or Logistics.


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